A New American Classic



Who can play...

Graduated athletes are selected from TCFCA member schools to play by coaches from the Association.  The member schools are divided into two teams: North and South.  Players are typically announced in March.

Game format...

The game format has change some since the first game.  Today, the game is played as a standard high school game with four 12 minute quarters.  The game site rotates yearly to different member schools of TCFCA.  The Classic is always played on an artificial surface.

Player experience...

The Classic is a week-long event for the athlete.  Sunday of game week is the first meeting of the teams and coaching staff.  Practice for each team is held at a neutral site.  Teams practice Monday - Thursday, typically in the evening.  Friday night a banquet for both teams is held at Hugo's Restaurant.  Both teams and staff are introduced and the coin-toss is held.  Kick-off for the Classic is at 7 PM on Saturday.

During the week players are fed at practice each day.  Team and individual photos are taken during the week at practice and handed out at the banquet Friday along with jerseys.  Players receive t-shirts and an all-star ring commemorative of the year.


If you have received an invitation to participate in this year's BeeGraphix Football Classic, follow these directions to get registered.

  1. Click this link to complete the online registration form

  2. Download and complete the following enrollment forms:

    • Consent form - needs signed by parent/guardian and the participant. (REQUIRED)

    • Medical - print and complete this form prior to team physicals. Bring the completed form to physicals so the doctor can sign off. (REQUIRED)

    • Sponsorship - you need one of these to accompany each sponsor you get. The bottom portion of this form is for your sponsor to keep for their records. (REQUIRED - 1 FOR EACH SPONSOR)

    • Banquet - submit this with your payment for the banquet. (REQUIRED IF YOU NEED TO PURCHASE TICKETS)

    • Scholarship - complete this form and attach typewritten essay; do not print your name on the essay (OPTIONAL)

  3. Photo - used in the game program. If you uploaded a photo during step 1 this is not required.

If you have issues with the enrollment, you may scan and email all forms and your photo to the email address below.  You may also mail forms, photo and payments to the address below.

Who we are...

In 1996, a group of current and former football coaches from southwestern Pennsylvania formed Tri-County Football Coaches Association.  The Association, or TCFCA, was created to promote outstanding high school football players throughout the area.  An all-star football game for graduated high school seniors was the result of their efforts.

The game has had many names since it's inception in 1996.  In 20xx BeeGraphix, a Fredericktown based graphics and promotion company took over as the primary sponsor of the game.  The game has been known as BeeGraphix Football Classic ever since.

Today, TCFCA has approximately 30 member schools covering five counties.  Every June TCFCA organizes the Classic at rotating sites throughout the member schools.

In addition to governing the Classic, TCFCA also recognizes local coaching talent in our Hall of Fame.  TCFCA values the rules, commitment and safety of the sport and we actively look for ways to improve in any of those areas for our member schools.  A large portion of that value comes from a coach.  In an effort to continue to promote these behaviors we, find it important to acknowledge those coaches who went above and beyond.  A new Hall of Fame class is introduced every two years.

Member schools...

Albert Gallatin ■ Avella ■ Belle Vernon ■ Bentworth ■ Beth Center ■ Bethel Park ■ Brownsville ■ Burgettstown ■ California
Canon-McMillan ■ Carmichaels ■ Charleroi ■ Chartiers Houston ■ Fort Cherry ■ Frazier ■ Jefferson-Morgan ■ Laurel Highlands
Mapletown ■ McGuffey ■ Monessen ■ Peters Township ■ Ringgold ■ Trinity ■ Uniontown ■ Washington ■ Waynesburg ■ West Greene


North 19 - South 12

Scholarship: North - Bray Jackson, West Greene ■ Beau Jackson, West Greene

Scholarship: South - Tyler Slavic, Laurel Highlands ■ Daniel Smith, Beth Center

MVP (Offense): North - James Duchi, McGuffey ■ South - Forrest Cullings, Trinity

MVP (Defense): North - Connor McGinnis, Bethel Park ■ South - Nick Moretti, Trinity


North 7 - South 35

Scholarship: North - Charles Manack, Frazier ■ Chris Boff, South Park

Scholarship: South - Jake Sweitzer, Belle Vernon ■ Ty Metcalf, Carmichaels

MVP (Offense): North - Charles Manack, Frazier ■ South - Clintell Gillaspie, Monessen

MVP (Defense): North - Derek Hull, Chartiers Houston ■ South - Tristan Sandrosky, Uniontown


North 39 - South 14

Scholarship: North - John Dugas, Burgettstown ■ Michael Bruchner, Bethel Park

Scholarship: South - Josh Mundell, Carmichaels ■ George Teslovich, Laurel Highlands

MVP (Offense): North - Darius Spinks, Washington ■ South - Louis Demetrius, Ringgold

MVP (Defense): North - Michael Bruchner, Bethel Park ■ South - Luke Moskal, Carmichaels


North 28 - South 19

Scholarship: North - Kyle Rodriguez, Frazier ■ Matt Pawlak, McGuffey

Scholarship: South - Dominic Gibson, Uniontown ■ Adam Cole, Belle Vernon

MVP (Offense): North - Tanner Gary, Fort Cherry ■ South - Danzel Beasley, Laurel Highlands

MVP (Defense): North - Corey Gary, Fort Cherry ■ South - Adam Cole, Belle Vernon


North 17 - South 6

Scholarship: North - Dillion Main, West Greene ■ Josh Guiser, Frazier

Scholarship: South - Robert Simpson, Waynesburg ■ Zachary Landman, Brownsville

MVP (Offense): North - Josh Guiser, Frazier ■ South - Jacob Forsythe, Uniontown

MVP (Defense): North - Zach Barnes, Washington ■ South - Kyle McWreath, Trinity


North 22 - South 0

Scholarship: North - Ryan Scott, Chartiers-Houston ■ Luke Olson, Bethel Park

Scholarship: South - Dustin Avolio, Trinity ■ Riley Kern, Elizabeth Forward

MVP (Offense): North - Zachary Hoffman, Canon-McMillan ■ South - Dustin Martinak, California

MVP (Defense): North - Thomas Hairston, Chartiers-Houston ■ South - Josh Pomilo, Elizabeth Forward


North 29 - South 18

Scholarship: North - Erik Olson, Bethel Park ■ Brand Banas, Chartiers-Houston

Scholarship: South - Joby Lapkowicz, Carmichaels ■ Andrew Booth, California

MVP (Offense): North - Brandon Schroeder, Canon-McMilan ■ South - Alex Frey, Trinity

MVP (Defense): North - Brand Banas, Chartiers-Houston ■ South - Lorenzo Newsuan, Monessen


North 10 - South 14

Scholarship: North - RIch Doolin, Bethel Park ■ Tyler Porco, Peters Township

Scholarship: South - Scott Bogdan, Jefferson-Morgan ■ Ethan Virgili, Carmichaels

MVP (Offense): North - Shawn Vauhgn, Washington ■ South - Eric Yarbrough II, Laurel Highlands

MVP (Defense): North - RaMonte Barfield, Washington ■ South - Donte Valentino, California

*The game was shortened, due to lightning.


North 6 - South 35

Scholarship: North - Robert Mamula, Canon-McMillan ■ John Schnatterly, Bethel Park

Scholarship: South - Cody Ketchem, Jefferson-Morgan ■ Kevin Sanders, Uniontown

MVP (Offense): North - Alex Evans, Washington ■ South - Devin Goda, Elizabeth-Forward

MVP (Defense): North - Scott Wharton, Fort Cherry ■ South - Rudy Evosirch, Jefferson-Morgan


North 14 - South 15

Scholarship: North - Tim Betts, Chartiers Houston ■ Mitchell Erderly, Geibel

Scholarship: South - Matt Stay, Beth Center ■ Jonathan Caldwell, Mapletown

MVP (Offense): North - Stanley Dotson, South Park ■ South - Ben Jennings, Trinity

MVP (Defense): North - Kyle Winters, Washington ■ South - Dan Tyner, Elizabeth-Forward


North 23 - South 9

Scholarship: North - Zack Zebrasky, Washington ■ Matt Jaworski, Bethel Park

Scholarship: South - Matthew Yartin, Monessen ■ Ryan Bruckner, Trinity

MVP (Offense): North - Dennis Cole, Canon-McMillan ■ South - Jordan Linch, Trinity

MVP (Defense): North - Doug Rheam, Canon-McMillan ■ South - Eric Cox, Jefferson-Morgan


North 12 - South 29

Scholarship: North - Dominick Wytovich, Bentworth ■ Shawn Fornear, Peters Township

Scholarship: South - Matt Ferencak, Jefferson-Morgan ■ Parker Bongiorno, California

MVP (Offense): North - Doug Fife, Peters Township ■ South - Don Hewitt, Carmichaels

MVP (Defense): North - Joe Halackna, Upper St. Clair ■ South - Scott Cree, Waynesburg


North 21 - South 19

Scholarship: North - Arden Renze, Geibel ■ Mike DeBartalo, Peters Township

Scholarship: South - Corey Walsh, Waynesburg ■ Adam Muzika, Uniontown

MVP (Offense): North - Stefon Strothers, Canon-McMillan ■ South - Bobby Hathaway, Carmichaels

MVP (Defense): North - Brandon Charriere, Canon-McMillan ■ South - Jay Zielensky, Carmichaels


North 31 - South 21

Scholarship: North - Carl Williot, Mount Lebanon ■ Mike Dunleavy, Jr., Bethel Park

Scholarship: South - Jared Dumm, Charleroi ■ Matt Wujcik, Ringgold

MVP (Offense): North - Mike Chiappetta, Bethel Park ■ South - Kevin McLee, Uniontown

MVP (Defense): North - Tommy Sypula, Washington ■ South - Robert Minnie, Ringgold


North 28 - South 21

Scholarship: North - Tony Bellino, Upper St. Clair ■ David DiDonato, South Fayette

Scholarship: South - Josh Crockett, California ■ Lloyd Price, Ringgold

MVP (Offense): North - Kevin Weidl, Mount Lebanon ■ South - P.J. Ross, California

MVP (Defense): North - Anthony Giuliani, Bethel Park ■ South - Lloyd Price, Ringgold


North 7 - South 12

Scholarship: North - Bill Brucker, Bethel Park ■ Brandon Neuman, Canon-McMillan

Scholarship: South - Todd James, Ringgold ■ Dan Weiss, McGuffey

MVP (Offense): North - Mike Sutton, Washington ■ South - Rocky Doman, Carmichaels

MVP (Defense): North - Mike Brodzinski, Bethel Park ■ South - T.J. Lockette, Jefferson-Morgan


North 28 - South 20

Scholarship: North - Mike Williams, Ringgold ■ Rich Tranquil, Avella

Scholarship: South - Rick Hathaway, Carmichaels ■ Charlie Kiger, Waynesburg

MVP (Offense): North - Brandon Behrens, Washington ■ South - Mitch Mitchell, Brownsville

MVP (Defense): North - Mark Villella, Fort Cherry ■ South - Ryan Giles, Carmichaels


North 6 - South 14

Scholarship: North - Zach Dillow, Albert Gallatin ■ South - Zac Childers, Peters Township

*The game was shortened, due to lightning.  No MVPs awarded.


North 29 - South 20

Scholarship: North - Jason Yohe, McGuffey ■ South - R.J. Dreucci, Frazier

MVP (Offense): North - Brent Charriere, Canon-McMillan ■ South - Cornelius Dotson, Albert Gallatin

MVP (Defense): North - Mike Naleppa, Fort Cherry ■ South - Jojo Toretta, Brownsville

Don Bartolomucci
Beth Center ■ Brownsville

Roger Brandemarte

Richard S. Caputo
Beth Center ■ Cal U ■ Charleroi

Natalie "Chickie" Cecchini
Beth Center ■ Avella

James "Rab" Currie

Bill Connors
Ringgold ■ Belle Vernon ■ Beth Center

Pete Daley
Beth Center

Ed Dalton
Purchase Line ■ Mt. Pleasant ■ Altoona Area ■ Trinity ■ McGuffey

Lou Defelices
Carns ■ Ringgold ■ Charleroi

Don Dinardo
Ellsworth ■ Bentworth ■ Beth Center ■ Ringgold

Gary Dongilli
Yough ■ Belle Vernon ■ Hempfield

Jim Dumm
Elizabeth Forward ■ Charleroi ■ California ■ Ringgold ■ Clairton ■ Waynesburg College

Barry Dunhum

WIlliam P. Ellis
Game Director, Tri-County Football Coaches Association ■ Albert Gallatin ■ Monongahela

Jim Engott
Bishop Hendriken ■ North Kingston ■ South Park ■ Upper St. Clair ■ Bethel Park

Donald "Doc" Franks
Albert Gallatin

John Fortugna

Jim Garry
Fort Cherry

Joe Gladys

Jan Haiden
Jefferson-Morgan ■ Beth Center ■ Ringgold ■ Carmichaels

John H. Haught, Jr.

Bob Hodgson

Bob Keys
Beth Center ■ Brownsville ■ Jefferson-Morgan ■ Ringgold ■ Uniontown

Joe Koval

Vic Lapkowicz

Tom Loughran
South Park

John Menhart

George Messich

Jeff Metheny
Bethel Park ■ Hampton ■ Waynesburg Central ■ Glennville State ■ West Virginia University

Guy Montecalvo
Washington ■ Canon-McMillan

Russ Moore
Clay-Battelle ■ Ringgold ■ Waynesburg Central ■ W&J College

Jim Morris
Avella ■ Chartiers Houston ■ W&J College

Pete Petroff

Bill Phillips
Jefferson-Morgan ■ Waynesburg

William Power

George Robinson, Jr.
Washington ■ Canon-McMillan

Don Roddy
Waynesburg ■ Beth Center

Al Romasco

Jack Scarvel

Mike Scrip
Peters Township ■ Charleroi

J. Gawen Stoker
Indian Valley ■ Bald Eagle ■ Trinity ■ Wellington ■ Lewistown

Andy Syartio

Ed Tokar
Fort Cherry

Andy Yartin

Bill Yost
Carlynton ■ South Fayette